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Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

( 9 - 2 - 07 )
@ 6:43pm

New Community...
I made a new community about the wonderous world of Tee Shirts... t_e_e_z

Feel free to peruse and click on the picture link to join!


Current Mood: creative

Friday, July 20th, 2007

( 7 - 20 - 07 )
@ 12:58pm

Hey all...
I've become engaged...

The date of the wedding will be July 18th, 2009!

Hmmm... sometimes it's fun NOT being a reject. :)

Current Mood: content
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Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

( 7 - 18 - 06 )
@ 11:57pm

Rambling Reject...
My eye is still pretty much in the same state as it was when I last updated. Saw the doc yesterday who confirmed my ICKY infection came back. Woot...

But that's all right.

Some positive things have been happening. DEcided to buy a new car, a green, '98 Toyota Camera... perfectly functioning and similar to the Mazda in everyway. It'll cost me $2000... but that'll be all right. I'm keeping my other car as well, mostly for a back up and mostly because I am not ready to let go all the memories it represents. Although the tides are changing... I'll make mention of those things later, but good things are happening in my life and I'm excited for it!

I'll be on the 'puter as often as I can... with my eye the way it is, it is hard... but I will try!

I hope everyone else has had a good week thus far!

Current Mood: Happy-go-lucky
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Saturday, July 15th, 2006

( 7 - 15 - 06 )
@ 6:18pm

My brief Hiatus...
I've been working a lot mostly. It's been hot and humid... I haven't had too much to update on. Lately I've just been feeling kinda lax... choosing the seclusion of my room and a nice book rather than a fight with a computer I wasn't supposed to still have. Everything on my compooper takes several minutes to load and what-not. I'm just too tired and too hot to bother with it most days.

Called out sick 2day and slept for the most part. It's so hot though... that I was forced to wake up.

I see the eye doc on Monday and I can't wait. My eye has become very infected these last few days... It sucks, I'm tired of the constant eye infections. Perhaps I am cursed or perhaps this is karma's way of getting back at me for the antics of 2005... at any case, this is putting me in a ripe ol' bad mood.

Figured I take some pics of it... Yea, I was rather bored today.

Current Mood: melancholy
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Thursday, July 6th, 2006

( 7 - 6 - 06 )
@ 7:38pm

So what do u call a whale with a polka-dotted tail?
Got out of work nice and early 2night... woot. Feel bad for Laura though... again they stiffed her and took THE FLIPPIN' head cashier for that night and had her work during the day. Laura is a part time head cash and she would like to REMAIN that way... but I guess the fuckers at work... Ron in particular, forgot about that. So I hope Laura has a good night and I love you man!

I'm bored as all hell and I still have that INCESSANT burning in my right eye... damn infection. I have this weird sore on the inside of my lower lid... and since my eye is so irritated, my vision is once again taking a turn for the worse in my right eye. Unfortunately... I have been so down this past year, I chose earlier in the year not treat my eye... even when I first noticed something wrong. This cost me some of my vision. Not bad though... I mean the best my vision will be in my right eye (with glasses) is 20/40... but I remain worried... I don't want it to get worse. I have an appointment on the 17th of this month and as far as I am concerned... it can't come soon enough!

I guess... there is a lesson to be learned about all this. I mean, a person can make mistakes... but mistakes DON'T make a person. Meaning a person can learn and grow from his/her mistakes, not be them forever. I allowed my mistakes to turn me bitter and become inward... Yes I am positive at times and when I feel positive I express it. It's good to spread nice vibes. But then those morbid little dark feelings come popping up and do their best at bringing me down. I have won and lost many battles with myself... but in the end I remain positive that I will win the war I waged inside my head.

I suppose what my ramble is trying to say is that don't give up on yourself... take care of yourself and the rest will all fall into place. If I had this epiphany 6 months ago... I would probably still have full vision in my right eye!

Man... I'm sorry about the ramble... I do that sometimes. LOL

Current Mood: Bored and full of mission goo.
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Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

( 7 - 5 - 06 )
@ 10:56am

Happy Belated 4th!
Well, it's official...

I have an eye infection. My eye has been hurting for a few days... but when I woke up this morning, after a day of work followed by mediocre fireworks with the family, I noticed my lower lid is swollen. I have a eye doc appointment on the 17th... so hopefully I can ride this out to then. Figures though, just when it got better, it got worse again, I can't win with this eye! lol

I've been working non-stop. This is my first day off since last week and it feels good to not have to worry about work. 

On other boring news, my dad started priming our house to be painted. The last time we painted our house, I was eight. So I'm actually excited to have a nice looking house for a change.

Been kinda in a depressed state of mood lately... thus I haven't been online much. I don't like spouting my b/s online anymore. It just brings up too much shit and leaves me open to assaults I don't need. I'd rather update about good things!

Oh and I figured I would mention that Enron founder, Kenneth Lay died today.  I guess now he's free to rot in the ground with the worms, snakes and the rest of his kindred alike. Ah well.

Current Mood: awake
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Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

( 6 - 28 - 06 )
@ 2:23pm


Slept in today... which was nice. My sleeping habits have been rather lack lucter lately... damn humidity. 

It's raining again... ARRGH. I want it to stop raining so my dad and bro can paint our house. It's looking kinda shabby and a new paint job would be the perfect pick-me-up for everyone in the house.

Work has been the same... Ron closed last night and he didn't seem as big of an ape as he usually comes across, so that was kewl. I have to work all weekend though... I won't have another day off like this until next wednesday. Ahh... the joys of being a retail whore! lol

I need to start painting again! Now's as good of a time as any!

Hope you all have a good day!

Current Mood: whatcha lookin' at willis!?
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Sunday, June 25th, 2006

( 6 - 25 - 06 )
@ 7:54pm

Mind-numbing Entertainment...
I couldn't sleep last night so rather than resorting to the old "toss and turn" b/s I normally subject myself to, I decided to do something somewhat constructive during that time.  I turned on my malfunctioning compooper and stumbled upon a flash toon series I hadn't watched in a wee bit. So for your viewing pleasure I present you with the wonder that is Weebl and Bob...


Yea it's kinda disturbing... but it is just too damn funny. Enjoy!!

See this is much better than reading about my crappy day at work! *grins*

Current Mood: heehee...
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Saturday, June 24th, 2006

( 6 - 24 - 06 )
@ 7:43pm

I've been working a lot. It's keeping me from my activities including LJ. *ugh*

But the money... the money is definetly a plus. Just needed to keep busy this month. This month marks a year anniversary I've been dreading. But as my father has said, "that's all behind you now." He's right... but it's hard to forgive myself and let go. So I will keep it as a constant reminder... and learn from that experience. That's all I can do I suppose and I harbor no ill will towards anyone except for myself.


All right... enough of the vague rant. Life is too short to focus on the negative! Summer is here and despite the frequent rain we keep having... I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

Do any of you have a favorite summer memory? Mine is going to my dad's old vacation condo in Attitash, NH. It had two floors with these kewl narrow stairs that my brother and I would slide down on our stomachs. It also had the BIGGEST and coolest indoor pool right outside in the recreation building. We would go there every summer. lol I wish he still had that place.

How 'bout you guys? SHare with me a kewl summer moment!

Current Mood: drained
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Monday, June 19th, 2006

( 6 - 19 - 06 )
@ 8:18pm

Another Reject Ramble... aren't you 'cited?
I'd update with something profound... but I'm afraid I'm just too damn hot. lol

At least it's feeling like summer though!

Went to my eye doc. appointment. They noticed something irregular in both my eyes. Probably a minor infection... but he wants to see me again next month, so meh. I hope it all works out.

Since I was in Boston... I took a trek to the Museum of Fine Arts. It was awesome... but they close at 5... so after three hours I was booted out. *sniffles* But I saw the newly expanded egyptian/ nubian exhibits and I was happy for that.

Other than that, I'm hot...

Current Mood: I'm hot damnit!
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Saturday, June 17th, 2006

( 6 - 17 - 06 )
@ 9:25pm

What a week END... already.

I have been a busy chica this past couple of days. I'll spare you all the details, 'cept to say that it took it's toll on me very much. 

Today was relaxing though. Went over Laura's house where her family was holding a bridal shower party for her bro's fiance, Kristin. The food was awesome, the weather was awesome and everyone was happy. WOot. lol

But I am tired and I realize I have to work 2morrow ALL day. Still haven't gotten my father's day gift yet. My dad asked me not too because he found something he wants me to buy him. So I guess on my next day off, we'll spend the day 2gether and celebrate a belated father's day.

I'm glad it feels like Summer finally. I'm happy... but I dare say I have a mini mental war going on in my head. A one year anniversary is vastly approching on the 22nd and I am still... well... I don't know. But ah well... I'd rather not ramble anymore about that.

Anyone got any major plans this summer?

Current Mood: meh...
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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

( 6 - 13 - 06 )
@ 11:37pm

Lets make BISCUITS!
Ren and Stimpy rules... lol

Got out of work... was okie, but my mood was bad so I'm sure I'll hear all about it in the next few days. But I'm sick of being used all the time. *grumbles*

Found a shirt on tee-shirt hell... well actually a friend referred it to me... it says: "My balls are bigger than yours!" and I want it DAMNIT! lol

But I really should save my money... keep spending it... eep.

My cold is pretty much gone... left the mocous behind though. Eventually that will go away too. 

I'm in better spirits than I was earlier. Not looking forward to being at work at 8 2morrow. *ughness*

Psst, it was sunny and HOT today and I'm glad to say my brown cut-off trousers are BACK from retirement! I almost felt like I was in Cali again... I get to show off my socks again! woot.

(yea I know I'm nuts... whaddaya know... lol)

Current Mood: I'm bug nuts
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Monday, June 12th, 2006

( 6 - 12 - 06 )
@ 10:28pm

Meow Meow, Cat Chow...
I was too sick yesterday to do anything. Spent the day in bed and didn't get out until almost 4:30 p.m. eep. 

Today, I am glad to say, has been quite the opposite! I am still sick, but can at least opporate like a normal human being and for that I am thankful!

Went to work for the first time since last Thursday and it was a great night... up until we discoved some moron lady trying on shit in the fitting room, AFTER and yes I said, AFTER I did the final closing announcement and had someone check the store for customers. Of course she pops out and asks if she could still use her credit card, etc... and I was like, "Lady are you KIDDING ME?" So after a few minutes I will never get back, she decided to put her shit on hold. DUMB Lady. *gah*

At least I am feeling better... still kinda clogged up, but better. I can't wait for this cold to be over with though!

Current Mood: in attack mode...
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Saturday, June 10th, 2006

( 6 - 10 - 06 )
@ 5:58pm

ACHOO and *sniffles*
It's STILL raining and I am still sick...

the meds I have been taking seem to be playing tricks on me mind... but ah well. Called out sick again from work. I'm still in no way able to stand on my feet and deal with the general "pleasant" public for longer than 10 minutes. *coughs*

I am feeling a bit better, the sudafed is helping with my nasal decongestion, but other than that, I am in the same boat I was in yesterday. The only shitty thing is I know I can't call out 2morrow because I'm in the C.O. and that sucks. But if I still feel like this, I can always go home early. *shrugs*

Hope the rest of you are having a better day and thank-u for your wishes of get well! That means a lot!

*big hugs to all*

Current Mood: uncomfortable being a SICKTif.
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Friday, June 9th, 2006

( 6 - 9 - 06 )
@ 4:50pm

Head Cold has got me by the groin...

I feel utterly, horribly sick. Every nasal cavity in my body is filled beyond compassity. 

Went to work despite feeling ill. I wasn't that bad earlier in the day... but as the night wore on my throat got worse, my nose wouldn't stop running and I had so much pressure build-up in the sinuses that I knew it would turn into a full-fledge cold. 

This damn rainy weather I blame as the culprit. If it was sunny and UNGODLY warm as it should be in June, I wouldn't be sick.


My dad picked me up some nyquil... think I'm going have me some of that and hopefully fall asleep. 

On the plus side, at least I didn't have to work. lol

Current Mood: not feeling well...
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Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

( 6 - 7 - 06 )
@ 11:22am

It's raining and pouring again! BAH!
So 2day is my last day off from work this week. I wake up this morning to a completely darkened room. I look at the time and it was around 9 A.M. and then I look out my window and see torrential down pours... AGAIN!!!

*gets out binoculars*

Summer and sunshine... where are you?

I'm tired of the rain. I want it to be sunny and warm again!!!

*sniffles* Ah well, I guess 2day would be a good day to clean my room.

YAY for the excitement that is my life. LOL

Current Mood: I want my sun again!!
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Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

( 6 - 6 - 06 )
@ 10:31pm

A Purple Day in a Hazy World
Today was interesting enough. Worked... nothing to new to report. Ron was alright. I like when he's not in a bad mood.

I didn't realize today was 06-06-06. It reminded me of a funny thing that had happened to me long before I ever thought of moving to California. I was at the service desk. Yes I've been at T.J. Maxx that long, when I got a rather strange customer. We striked up a conversation. mostly pertaining to the warm weather and what not. This person was one of those bible-thumping Halleluh types. I was telling her about the future when she remarked, live well now because we don't have long to go. I inquired as to why and she told me her story of 06-06-06. It dealt with a lot of fire and darkness and all that end of the world stuff. Kind of freaked me out. I finished ringing her out and before she left, she said, "live well... you never know when your time will come." 

I chuckle because I had completely forgotten about that woman and her mobid message until today. It's strange what we allow our selves to believe. 

It's funny, there was no fire and brimstone and bullshit today. Today was a good day... the first day we had sunlight in quite some time. 

So I guess, what I am tryingto convey is even though we have our bad days... there are always good ones too and that life's too short to focus on the negative. So keep the positive vibes going.

Yea, I guess that's my inspirational message  for today. *chuckles*

Current Mood: thoughtful
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( 6 - 6 - 06 )
@ 12:12am

When the going gets weird the weird turn pro!
2nite at work wasn't so bad. I enjoyed the endless amounts of people that rushed through our lines in the first few hours!

Closed the registers pretty quickly and got everyone out of there in no time flat. YAY for easy nights!!!

Have to work with the dreaded EVIL ron manager 2morrow. Woot. Guess I'll just brace for his insults and take them with a careless smile. I'm not going to let him spoil the good mood I've seemed to work myself up in! It's still raining... but eventually it'll stop and with the sun will come all the beautiful flowers and vegetation that makes summers so great here in NH.

It's almost been a year since I moved from California. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by. I'm supposed to go back and visit some peeps... but I remain reserved. Some wounds haven't healed as suffiently as I assumed they would. But father time has a way of mending wounds and I suppose I'll wait and hope that someday, I can forgive myself. Not now... but someday.

<lj user= "_carcinogenic"/> brought up an interesting point in her journal about waiting. Is is neccessary or is it a waste of time?

I responded: "Sometimes in life, you need to wait... but don't wait too long because life has a way of running ahead of you and before you know it, you may miss it completely. " I need to turn that into some kind of poem or what not. But I feel rather un-inspired at the moment. Usually I have the tendency of writing when my more darker moods hit me and I have found that most of my writings are very negative in nature. But writing to me is therapeutic. A necessary vehicle for me to deal with the shit I put myself into. 

But I digress... I have rambled too much. In fact if I do say so myself... this is the first real entry I have typed in months. I'm sorry if I have been neglecting my LJ peeps! 


Psst, I'll be funnier in the future, for now... I just wanted to reflect on things and spit 'em out.  I'm good like that! *giggles*

Current Mood: hopeful
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Monday, June 5th, 2006

( 6 - 5 - 06 )
@ 2:06pm

Boo and stuff
I've been working non-stop lately and it seems to be taking it's toll on me. *sniffles*

But that's okie! I'll be rich, right?

Do you guys ever get to a point where things just kind of get useless? I find my zeal for most shit has gotten to an all-time low. Been writing a lot though... posted a new poem in me writing journal: frgmentaryblues

I've been thinking about going back to school and getting my shit 2gether. There is no future for me at the Maxx. ARRGH. I realize that but sometimes it seems so hard to just break away, ya know?

I wish it would stop raining here for at least ONE day. lol... this yucky weather really is a mood killer.

I hope the rest of you are doing better! *smiles*

Current Mood: indifferent
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Friday, June 2nd, 2006

( 6 - 2 - 06 )
@ 1:12pm

Heehee for updates oh and I have a meme stolen from chef7
It's nice to have a day off where I am TRULY doing jack shit and nada more. Of course, unlike the rest of the week, 2day happens to be cold and rainy. But ah well, shit happens! I guess it's better than the hot and humid stuff we've been having all week. 

Was supposed to go to Canobie Lake Park (a small old victorian time amusement park here in Salem, NH) but with the weather the way it is, I think we are gonna scrap that idea. I mean, we have all summer, so I'm not stressing. 

I like being back on my 'puter, *gives compooper a hug*

You know you wanna...Collapse )

Current Mood: bouncy
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